donderdag 24 april 2014

UltraBattles New WebShop plus Weblog

Welcome to our new webpage - after a forced stop, it's back again and soon the shop will be filled again with a lot of usefull scenery creating stuff!

This month you can find all those usefull products to create  great tables by the use of the range of paints, tools and materials UltraBattles offers.

This blog-section displays news and shows how our stuff is used in some great demo projects.

Small CD-size project done with UltraBattles materials

Textured paints, washes and and kits are all featured in hands-on demo's and of course in video's on the UltraBattles Youtube channel.

UltraWash - washes for textured paint

UltraBase textured paint

We design and produce our own tools, like the static grass flocker or the Pigment paint stand.
New UltraBattles products are sometimes reviewed by great painters like Alexandra from Girlpainting

UltraBattles also sells scenery kits , - affordable and with lots of extra content, tools, glue, basing materials and sometimes even texturepaints are included, like the Classic Cactus kit - as reviewed in this vid, again by Alexandra's Girlpainting.