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Q: Can the PaintFix hooks damage a model base?
A: Only if you forget to push the button to release the hooks
     when pulling the model out.

Q: Do you ship Worldwide?
A: Yes, even to Canada. Order a 5-pack and get FREE shipment

Q: Does the spring tension wear out overtime?
A: No, it won't. We test a several samples of each batch and push the button
     a 1000 time fully to the limit. None of them were weaker then before.

Q: What size of bases can it take?
A: The standard PaintFix can take, believe it or not, up to 5cm!
     But only if the button is pushed to the max.
     For bases that size, better wait for the release of the PaintFix XL.

Q: Can the PaintFix be broken or damaged?
A: The PaintFix shell is made of tough PU resin, and the hooks are made of
     0,8 stainless steel spring wire. All not very likely to break

Q: The knob in the bottom is "wobbely", is that normal?
A: In the current version it is normal, we always search for improvement
     of materials and design.

Q: Can we sell the PaintFix in our gameshop?
A: Yes, I like to find a reseller in the USA or Canada, and yes, we can
      talk about bulk-discounts etc...

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